“The Critical Tools You Must Know Before
Moving Forward On Your Spiritual Journey ”



>>> 2 FULL DAYS <<<

24th & 25th Oct 2015

HORSHAM, Victoria

* * *

TWO DAYS of intense Spiritual Development and Intuitive fun! With a mixture of theory and practical exercises, including your very own training manual and online student portals; YOU... will be connecting to yourself and others on a much deeper level immediately! Fully immerse yourself! Limited seats available...


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Spiritualism recognizes all prophets that have come to humankind throughout the ages, not setting one above the other. Rather, it is based upon the idea that we are all to form our own relationship with the Source we most align with, and to obtain guidance and accept responsibility for our actions based on our interaction with that personal guidance. It is with that understanding that this workshop is non-denominational.


PLEASE NOTE: These topic points are a guide to what will be delivered in the workshop, but is in no way limited to these topics. Each workshop is presented with guidance from Spirit Teaching Guides who may at any time change the direction of the topic to specifically suit the needs of participants.

  • 1

    Grounding and Cleansing Techniques

    Ground, Cleanse, and Protect! The top 3 things you can do to protect yourself from negative energy (and Psychic Protection).

  • 2


    How to quieten the mind, elevate your awareness and raise your vibration - simple yet effective Meditation techniques which can be done in a short period of time.

  • 3

    Manifestation and the Law of Attraction

    How to attract good things into your life!

  • 4

    Empowering your Spiritual Gifts

    Learn, Grow and Evolve! A journey of self-discovery for you Mind, Body and Soul - A hands on and interactive program to develop and strengthen your abilities.

  • 5

    Working with your Guides, Higher Self, & other Sources.

    Learn how to tap into the universal source to get guidance for yourself and others.

  • 6

    Pendulum Dowsing

    You will learn everything you need to know to program, cleanse, and build a relationship with, your pendulum to be able to seek answers to your questions. *BONUS GIFT* - You will receive your very own Crystal Pendulum at the workshop.

  • 7

    Energy Healing

    An informative session around how energy healing works with interactive exercises to help you intuitively translate the story the body (energy) is trying to tell you. *Our Special Guest Speaker - Barb Kelly* will also be sharing spiritual insights around healing.

  • 8

    Introduction to Crystals

    A brief look at the top 5 Crystals to get started with. *Our Special Guest Speaker - Barb Kelly* will also be sharing many insights into crystals, like their healing properties, how to take care of them, and more...

  • 9

    Letting Go Of Old Beliefs To Raise Your Vibration

    Release the old, to bring in the new! Self Limitations - the boundaries we place upon ourselves that inhibit us moving forward. Limiting beliefs, Self Belief, Self Sabotage and how the Ego plays a part in our development.

  • 10

    How to Read Oracle/Tarot Cards

    Learn what to look for and how to interpret the cards intuitively (without using the guidebook)! A hands on and interactive program. You will learn everything you need to
    know to take care of your cards, build a relationship with them, and start doing readings for yourself and others. *BONUS GIFT* - You will receive your very own "The Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland", at the workshop!

Jodie Rimmer

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