How to SHIELD YOURSELF — from lower energies (negativity, fear, etc.)

To shield yourself is to protect yourself from harsh or fear-based energies by envisioning a cocoon of healing light surrounding you. The angels suggest you do this because of your heightened sensitivity to energies. This sensitivity means that you may inadvertently absorb other people’s energies, which may make you feel tired, unfocused or upset. Just…

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The 10 steps after Death

Evidence of life after death continued to rise with the ground-breaking addition of work from hypnotherapists such as Dolores Cannon, Dr. Ian Stevenson and Dr. Michael Newton. With over 50 years of client-session information documenting people’s subconscious memories of past lives and even memories of the time in between two lives, something has to be…

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Holiday Season Blues

11 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Depression Triggers

Happy Holidays! Or is it? For a lot of people this time of year isn’t as happy as it could be. It can even be depressing seeing all the holiday cheer everywhere you look, when there’s not much cheer happening for you. Is it a time of year where you need a little help getting…

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Past Life Readings Review

Past Life Readings Review Recently I purchased some Past Life Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Brian L Weiss for my store and of course, for myself! Many of my psychic counterparts (fellow psychics, mediums and card readers) have also been “hanging out” to get these cards to see what they’re like. Which is one reason I’m…

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