Aura Colours

Aura Readings – Learn How to Give Aura Readings

by Angela Clemmer

Auras are visual ways to interpret certain moods and destinations. Not everyone is visually gifted with this psychic ability. Aura readings are very interesting and


Aura readings come naturally to some psychics but you can learn how too.

colorful. They can give you insight to what energies may be attached to you. Aura readings can also take a look into what your current mood or others moods around you are. It can predict future events such as health issues, dangerous situations, joyful occasions, positive influences, and many more situations. This type of reading will also clarifying what type of energy is currently attached to you while giving you helpful insight to your current state.

Aura Readings and the Conscious / Unconscious

Aura readings demonstrates the conscious and the subconscious. It reveals all that is hidden and what is obviously there. Throughout the day a persons aura can change. When in a relaxed state an aura can radiate certain energies and colors. While in a stressed or depressed state the aura will express different energy colors. Thought can also provoke the change of the aura. During deep meditation the aura can also be changed. It can be changed to suit the current state that you wish to achieve through meditation It is can also be used to heal yourself of what ever may be causing you harm or illness.

Exercises to Help You See Auras in Aura Readings

There are certain exercises you can do to help you understand auras and be able to see them. You can use pictures or draw sketches. This is done by meditating on the picture until you start to see colors around the subject. While drawing sketches of the subject you can start with a gray scale. Once you have put thought and meditation into this sketch you can add colors that will correspond with the subjects energy.

Looking at the Colors During Aura Readings

During aura readings the psychic will look at the colors around you and determine which ones are dominate. It is has been said there can be many colors that surround you but some will be more powerful then others. The colors will let the psychic know what is currently going on in the subjects life by how each color radiates. The colors will appear to be fluid and moving with constant change. Each color can also be attached to a certain numerology number. With this chart below the colors are interpreted. They also have corresponding numerology numbers. These numbers that correspond can also be used in interpreting certain meanings with tarot cards. Here is a chart that can be used as a helpful guide when determining what each color means:

Red: Represents the Number 1: This color stands for energy and strength. It is grounded and represents the survivalist. It will reveal what you have been through and how much you can handle.

Red/Orange: Represents the Number 4: The color stands for creative power and radiates confidence. It will let the reader how much confidence you


When doing aura readings, look for the different color auras to tell you things about the person.

have where you can improve on and how you reveal this to others.

Orange: Represents the Number 4: This color stands for organizational skills in social and personal settings. This color reveals how you interact with others. Also it shows how your work and personal life is organized. This color will also radiate as it can draw people to you and explain how you socially react to others.

Orange/Yellow: Represents The Number 3: This color represents joy. This can represent all that makes you happy in your life. It sends off a vibe that radiates to others and can draw others to you.

Yellow: Represents The Number 3: This color stands for what type of communication and speech you are receiving and giving. This represents how you communicate with others. Since this color radiates it can mean you are able to communicate effectively with others. This reveals that your voice and actions are positively interacting with others.

Yellow/Green: Represents the Number 7: This stands for illnesses and healing energies. This may represent an illness that you are just getting over. It radiates how you are healing and what your illness may be.

Green: Represents The Number 6: This shows how your creativity is represented and what type of health state you are currently in.

Green/Blue: Represents The Number 6: This show what type of caring and nurturing your life is surrounded by. This show what forces and energies you have around you that are nurturing. This will also show a kind, caring, and loyal personality.

Blue: Represents The Number 2: This radiates what type of love your life is surrounded by. If you are currently attached and in love this will color will radiate off of you. It will show how loyal and devoted you are to the love of your life. It will also mean that you carry that person in your heart.

Blue/ Purple: Represents the Number 8: This shows if you are in a state of spiritual lessons and growth. This color shows what spiritual lessons you have learned. It may also reveal what lessons you are about to learn.

Purple: Represents The Number 9: This represents how much you have learned and what wisdom you radiate. This is shows what confidence and wisdom you have learned. Along with the color it can reveal a vibe of wisdom that is truly reflected through your personality.

Purple/ Red: Represents the Number 5: This color will reveal what type of danger the person could be in. It may pertain to an accident or something that will change the persons life soon. T his color can be seen as a warning to be careful in all situations.

Brown: Represents the Number 5: This color reveals what has been causing confusion and bringing a person down or holding them back. It can show sadness and depression.

White: Represents The number 7: This will let the reader know that there are spiritual guides or entities attached. It will let the reader know why they are there. It will reveal that what ever the person is about to go through or is going through. It is revealed that their is some other force to help guide them through the situation.

Grey: Represents The Number 8: This represents that there may soon be a spiritual awaking or decision. It also reveals a sense of belief or belonging.

Black: Represents The Number 2: This is part of the color that attaches negative feeling, harmful substances, dominating negative forces, and bad associations. This may also represent addictions and criminal activity.

Clear: Represents The Number 9: This color lets the reader know that there is a strong spiritual force there to guide and protect the person from all harm. The spiritual force will also help protect the subject from new situations. This spiritual force will keep the person on the right track.

By doing simple exercises and knowing what the various aura colors mean, you can practice reading auras until you are confident enough to do real aura readings!

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